How to Choose a Franchise That’s Right For You [VIDEO]

If you are thinking about opening a franchise, the most important advice anyone can give you is to choose the franchise that's right for you. Here's how.

By Bailey Koharchick |

Lessons Learned: How Picking the Wrong Franchise Turned Into a Loss

An entrepreneur chose a franchise that was a bad fit for him, and lost his money. These are his takeaways from the experience, and his advice on how not to repeat his mistakes.

By Lisa Furgison |

Considering Buying a Franchise? Watch This First

If you are thinking about opening a franchise, be sure to watch our Google Hangout on "How to Choose a Franchise That's Right For You" first.

By Bailey Koharchick |

Is a Startup or a Franchise Right for You?

One of my favorite themes is that choosing what type of business to start should be a matter of looking at the mirror, reflecting on who you are, developing a business based on what you like to do and what you do well. And I’m sticking with that story. But there is also an exception...

By Tim Berry |

If You’re Thinking About Franchises, You Want This Book

If you’re in any way thinking about getting into a franchise business, you need to know about Joel Libava, @FranchiseKing on Twitter, on the web, and author of Become a Franchise Owner, the best book there is on franchise ownership. I know something about franchises. I’ve never owned a franchise, neither as franchisor or franchisee;...

By Tim Berry |

Wanted: More women franchise owners

The Franchise King® Joel Libava says the franchise industry could use more women franchisees, so he’s  taken it upon himself to make sure that more women start looking into franchise ownership as a viable option to traditional corporate employment. Joel’s just announced a contest specifically for women that are interested in pursuing franchise ownership –...

By Palo Alto Software |

For Good Info on Franchise Business

If you’re at all interested in buying into a franchise business, I think you’d definitely want to become familiar with Joel Libava, his Franchise King blog, and his new e-book called How to Carefully Select a Franchise to Buy. I just read a good review by TJ McCue, founder of, someone I’ve come  to...

By Tim Berry |

Franchise Myth Busting Mything Its Mark

This piece called 8 Franchise Ownership Myths got my attention the other day. I like myth busters. This one, however, surprised me; some of those myths seem like they are really true. For example: Myth 2: I can only be successful in a business I love. Makes sense to me, so I guess I buy...

By Tim Berry |

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