nonprofit budgeting

3 Good Reasons Why Nonprofits Need Better Budgets

Budgets are an important tool for nonprofits—both from a legal standpoint, and to keep investors and donors engaged and happy. Here's how to improve the budgeting process within your nonprofit.

make sense of your financial statements

How to Make Sense of Your Small Business Financial Statements

The profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement are some of your most powerful tools for understanding your business's health. Here's how to use them.

cannabis dispensary cash payment management

Cannabis Business Payment and Cash Management Options

Wondering how to accept payments for your cannabis business? Here are your options for payment processing and cash management.

accrual accounting cash flow

Is Cash or Accrual Accounting Best for Small Businesses?

Would you rather keep track with records in your books, or just in your head? That, in a nutshell, is the difference between cash-basis and accrual accounting. Here's an overview of cash accounting and accrual accounting, to help you decide which is best for your business.

free invoice templates

Free Invoice Templates to Help You Get Paid Faster

Whether you’re a freelancer or running your own small business or startup, you’ve got to get paid—preferably on time. A simple, professional invoice can make all the difference. Here are some free invoice templates you can use to easily create your own invoices.

balance sheet

What Is a Balance Sheet?

Learn what defines a balance sheet, the importance of a balance sheet in your business plan, and view some balance sheet examples.

accounting error

What to Do If Your Accountant Makes an Error

Paying an accounting professional can have benefits that far outweigh the added costs—but what happens if your accountant makes a mistake? If your accountant made a costly error and is unwilling to set things right, you should understand your legal rights and options.

The Benefits of a Business Accountant, and How to Choose One

Not hiring an accountant can often be an expensive mistake. A good accountant can provide expert advice and information, help you to grow your business, prevent your from running afoul of the IRS, and save you thousands of dollars in taxes.

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