Tips for Tracking Customer Satisfaction

Although metrics are just measurements and they can't give the specific feedback from customers, they visually help the team get a perspective on our level of success in keeping our customers happy.

5 Tips for Selecting Business Accounting Software

Many businesses don't do the proper due diligence when choosing accounting software. We've got 5 essential tips to help you make the right choice.

Your Financial Health Snapshot: The Key Metrics You Need

Imagine piloting an airplane: you taxi to the runway, prepare for takeoff, and as you’re rapidly speeding up to get airborne you notice a construction crew frantically working to build out the rest of the runway. This just about sums up the financial stress of being an entrepreneur. While a certain amount of discomfort is just part of the lifestyle, being able to answer these key questions should help you sleep soundly at night.

Growth Recipe: Track, React, Repeat until Done.

So here’s an interesting quote: Growth is at least as much discipline and execution as creativity. That’s from Mike Greenfield, in Six Steps to Growth: What I Learned as 500 Startups’ Growth Hacker In Residence, on Numerate Choir. Interesting concept. It should be obvious. But there it is, standing out, and worth stopping and quoting, precisely...

Tips for Conducting Online Competitor Analysis

One thing that many new businesses take for granted is that their competitors are the same companies online and offline. While it’s often the case that the same company controls market share in both sectors, when you start looking at the complex landscape of keywords and user dynamics, the competition increases and new players enter...

Go Quantify Yourself: Five Lifestyle Metrics Entrepreneurs Should be Watching

What happens when you combine smartphone applications, monitoring technology, social networks and your productivity-sapping bad habits? Little by little, those habits start to disappear. At least, that’s one of the foundations of Quantified Self, a movement with a growing global following. Self-quantifiers track everything from calories to social influence, finding significance and self-transformation in the...

How to Use Meta Tags to Get Your Website Found

Meta tags are an important and often overlooked on-page component of your website’s search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the continuous process of trying to rank first on search engines for a set of keywords relating to the subject of your website. Given enough time and SEO maintenance, more and more organic visitors...

3 Easy Ways to Improve SEO for Your Service Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to improve a website’s ranking in popular search engines. When was the last time you looked at that big clunky yellow book to find out the best dry cleaners in town, or the best lawyer, or the best massage therapist? As more and more consumers look to...

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