Loans and Grants

Opportunity: Facebook Applications

Here’s an interesting startup funding note. Facebook has established a fund to grant startup funds to companies developing applications for its platform. Thanks to TechCrunch for the details: The size of the fund will be $10 million (coming from Accel and Founders Fund) with grants varying between $25 thousand to $250 thousand available for each...

Truth About Grants

Sorry. There’s no free lunch. And there’s very little free government money for you to start your business. You’ve probably seen Matthew Lesko on television. He’s the guy with question marks all over his sport coat who talks very fast and offers free government money. Sometimes he throws bills in the air. Free government money...

Are person-to-person loans a viable financing option?

Thanks to VentureBeat for this post on person-to-person loans. This is a mainly-Internet phenomenon that could have impact on small business financing. I’m intrigued with the idea myself, wondering what they’re doing about legal implications, risk management, and other lending concerns. VentureBeat ยป Prosper raises $10M to assert lead in person-to-person loans — Tim Berry

More borrowing

I guess it’s a day to talk about borrowing. Here’s another startup that’s formalizing the marketplace for person-to-person borrowing and lending. If you need funds to get your business going, this could be a place to look. Link: Prosper

Borrowing money to get started

Not everyone starting a business get’s VC money. Infact, very few do. For the rest of us, borrowing money from the bank or friends and family is how we start our businesses. A new company on the block helps borrowers and lenders formalize that relationship:LoanBack In some ways, it’s very similar to Circle Lending which...

SBA loan program fix

The troubled SBA 7(a) loan program had been revived by legislation passed by congress last night. Previously, loans had been limited to $750,000 and it had been reported that the entire loan program was on an “indefinite holiday.” The new changes include: 1) lifting the $750,000 loan cap and allows combination or “piggyback” loans 2)...

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