Using the Cash Flow Calculator

Cash flow is how much money is coming in to your business, generally sales, and how much is going out, as bills paid. Cash balance is how much money you have in your business checking account. If there is no cash in the company coffers to pay the bills, the payroll, or the taxes, you...

By Tim Berry |

Did you try asking Google?

How many questions do you have during the typical day? I get lots of them. Sometimes I get so many in a day I have to hide in one of the conference rooms just to get a little work done. Let me give you a few I got yesterday. Do you know of a good...

By Palo Alto Software |

Research? What? Me Worry?

Steve King at SmallBizLabs asked an interesting question recently: “Are Statistically Significant Research Methods Passe?” He notes that a growing number of surveys that show up these days are not statistically valid because they don’t start with random populations. Steve says they’re “based on informal groups of respondents rather than statistically significant population samples.” He...

By Tim Berry |

Need to Know: Keywords, Analytics, Etc.

Damn. I just got off the phone with a good friend who got taken by a dishonest search engine consultant. He’s trying to sell his own books. He’s getting into the blog thing, and–I wish he’d asked me–ended up spending several thousand dollars for just about nothing. What’s really tough is that if you’re going...

By Tim Berry |

How to Write Great Copy for Your Website

You don’t know what’s going to work on your website. What copy is going to work. What layout is going to work. What colors are going to work. Is it going to be better to put a product image at the top of the page or the bottom? Should it be on the left or...

By Noah Parsons |

How to stop image hotlinking and bandwidth theft

I like this post by David Airey, a tip for an elegant in-code answer to the problem of people lining the URL of your images into their blog.  It shows some interesting evolution too, as he revises his take after considering some comments. And read the comments, they’re part of the value. –Tim

By Tim Berry |

How Measuring Key Performance Indicators Can Improve E-commerce Strategy – Part 3

The first article of this series discussed page views per session as a kind of early warning system key performance indicator (KPI) for your website. The second discussed the time on site KPI as another warning flag. Both of these articles discuss specific measurements that can be used to forecast site problems. There are lots...

By Steve Jackson |

How Measuring Key Performance Indicators Can Improve E-commerce Strategy – Part 1

The problem with most e-commerce marketing strategy today is that companies don’t understand how to use tools such as Web analytics. Most e-commerce directors or Web marketers are given a budget and told to stick to it, and good analytics seldom come cheap. Without Web analytics you can’t even begin to measure key performance indicators...

By Steve Jackson |

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