Girls Are Getting Into Programming

Although the overall representation of women in the computer sciences is low—only 15 percent of females graduating from the University of Oregon major in computer science, and only 20 percent of the programmers in the United States are women—the numbers are climbing.

What Does it Mean to Disrupt an Industry?

I’ve read more than 100 business plans so far this year, and seen about 50 pitches. About half of them promised to disrupt their industry. No wonder somebody asked in Quora last week: What does it mean to “disrupt” an industry? I hear this all the time about this or that that is ‘disrupting’ whatever industry...

James Altucher On How and How Not to Look Professional Raising Investment Money

Some of these tips are (in my opinion) truly bad advice, and some are great, but they are all worth reading. And the ones I'm including in this post seem very true to me.

Don’t Base Business Decisions on Data and Statistics Alone

Here's another great lesson in not believing so-called data, statistics and research.

Meet the Grand Prize Entrepreneurs of the BEC Boost

Three top-notch business plans won their writers $35,000 in cash and prizes at this year's first-ever BEC Boost. Meet the entrepreneurs (and the companies) behind the winning plans.

Mentoring With LivePlan: Success Story

David Calderon, a California high school teacher, was the mentor to two of the BEC Boost competition's grand prize winners. I had the chance recently to ask David about his successful experience coaching his students. This is what he had to say.

Ever Wonder Why Startups Choose Such Weird Names?

It started in the 1990s with "Google" and "Yahoo" (which, if you didn't know, named themselves after a misspelling of the huge number "googol" and an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle", respectively).

But Why Would You Plan Your Business If You Don’t Have To?

What's business planning all about? Why bother? Why would a company that doesn't strictly have to do a business plan want one? What are some of the myths associated with business social media, and how can you get business ROI in social media?

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