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Starting a Nonprofit: Chapter 1 of The ‘RIDE Eugene’ Story

Drunk driving is a problem. But in the moment that it's most preventable—when an intoxicated person leaves a bar or restaurant to drive home in their car—there is no easy or obvious solution. That's where RIDE comes in.

By Bailey Koharchick |

Getting Funded On Kickstarter: The MIUSA Story

Mobility International USA (MIUSA) is a non-profit organization with an idea for a product. They know they have a good idea, but because they're a non-profit, they face all the usual difficulties of launching a new product plus the particular difficulty of launching a product they don't actually intend to sell.

By Bailey Koharchick |

Q&A: That Nonprofit Business Plan

Question:  Do you have a template for the particular issues and approach that a nonprofit business plan would require?  Or, do you know of an alternative source that would have such a business plan?  We are looking to build and operate a no-frills seniors residence for low-income seniors. My answer: Yes, we have lots of...

By Tim Berry |

Funding for Philanthropic Efforts Requires More Effort Than Normal

One sad fact in our capitalistic world is that funding for many worthwhile efforts is often difficult to obtain if there is not a direct profit opportunity to be had.  Non-profit’s and local community leaders need special assistance, especially in developing countries, to gain access to appropriate resources of capital devoted to their respective purposes....

By Tom Cleveland |

Nonprofits, Get Over it: You Need to Plan, Too

Hmm . I’m guessing it wasn’t just random that planning for nonprofits came up a lot this week while I was traveling and talking to several entrepreneurship leaders and mentors. I don’t have data, just a hunch gathered from talking and tweeting and reading, but it seems like nonprofits, social enterprises and the like are...

By Tim Berry |

The Triple Bottom Line: Evaluating Your Nonprofit

Planning software like Business Plan Pro does a good job of helping you evaluate the financial projections for your non-profit – how many donations you will need, what expenses you will have, and how many projects you will fund. But what about evaluating the effectiveness of your programs, efficiency in using your funds, and choosing...

By Palo Alto Software |

Good Background Info for Nonprofits

I’ve been spending a lot of time (maybe way too much) with Twitter lately (you can find me there as timberry) so I feel like at least one of the good things about that is suggestions such as, which I got from a Twitter friend and seems like a really good recommendation for people looking into...

By Tim Berry |

Silver bells, silver bells…job satisfaction

“Silver bells, silver bells, It’s Christmas time in the city…” Nice melody, pleasing orchestration, cheery lyrics. This song is one of the “olde favorites” we hear every year in December. Of course, it’s not really that old…er…uh…well it is as old as I am, which explains why I remember hearing it all my life. “Silver...

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