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Silver bells, silver bells…job satisfaction

“Silver bells, silver bells, It’s Christmas time in the city…” Nice melody, pleasing orchestration, cheery lyrics. This song is one of the “olde favorites” we hear every year in December. Of course, it’s not really that old…er…uh…well it is as old as I am, which explains why I remember hearing it all my life. “Silver...

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Blog Action Day 08

Today is Blog Action Day. Through out the day, thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue – poverty. The purpose? To raise awareness and initiate action on this very important topic. In keeping with that theme, I’m going to re-introduce you to Kiva. We’ve mentioned this company before, [Steve Lange wrote on...

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Startup Success: Real Numbers, Real Voice, Real Help

How’s this for a startup success story? started 17 months ago. It now has more than 3.2 million registered active members and last week raised $1.5 million in aid for Burmese cyclone victims in three days. Recognizing some problems with flow of aid through normal channels, founder Ricken Patel connected with Burmese monks to...

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Help Where It’s Needed

The San Francisco Chronicle‘s Sunday front page ran a feature on Women’s Initiative for Self Employment, with the headline Female entrepreneurs needed the Initiative. The gist: A microenterprise training and microlending organization, Women’s Initiative has helped low-income women start or expand more than 1,600 businesses in Northern California. The nonprofit is based in the Bay...

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Running Your Nonprofit Corporation

This article is part of our Nonprofit Business Startup Guideā€”a curated list of articles to help you plan, start, and grow your nonprofit business! Nonprofit corporations are organized very much like regular corporations; however, running a nonprofit corporation means complying with a few special rules. Here’s what you need to know. Organizational structure of nonprofit...

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Five Reasons to Incorporate Your Nonprofit

If you’re involved in a fledgling nonprofit organization, you and the other folks active in the group have probably wondered whether or not you should incorporate. Becoming a nonprofit corporation requires some paperwork, but for many groups, the benefits of nonprofit status outweigh the complications. Here are five circumstances that may make it worth your...

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Earning Income as a Nonprofit Corporation

Nonprofit corporations, by definition, exist not to make money but to fulfill one of the purposes recognized by federal law: charitable, educational, scientific or literary. Under state and federal tax laws, however, as long as a nonprofit corporation is organized and operated for a recognized nonprofit purpose and has secured the proper tax exemptions, it...

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Starting a Nonprofit Community Organization

Recently this question arrived asking about establishing a nonprofit agency. “I recently moved into a neighborhood that would benefit from a Community Action Group. I would like to start and manage a not-for-profit, where lower income residents would have access to funds to renovate or update their homes, thereby attracting more business into the area...

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