Leaders: Don’t Try to Do Everything — You’ll End Up Accomplishing Nothing

A leader's work is never to do the work for others, or to be all-knowing. Rather, a leader's work is to provide employees with the means to complete their tasks, and to hold them accountable to the organization.

By Tyree Harris |

What Do Increased Mobile Speeds Mean for Your Business?

Predicting that the mobile phone will soon become your movable office is like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow. It’s already happening and can’t be denied. More smartphone users are using their devices as their office: managing work tasks, communications, calendars, content creation, social work, texting and more. And as the number of users expands,...

By Hillel Fuld |

Did You Pay to Invest Your Time in the Right Payroll Provider?

You run a business and wear many different hats, one of which is making sure that those you employ are both productive and satisfied with their jobs. So, imagine the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you come to realize that the payroll provider you hired to make sure all your workers are...

By Dave Thomas |

Marissa Meyer at Yahoo! Wages War on Flexibility

Last month, an internal HR Yahoo! email from the head of HR about Yahoo’s work at home policies and changes to that policy was leaked. Apparently Marissa Meyer is trying to whip the company back into shape and wants to reign in employees who have flexible working arrangements and work from home. Here is a...

By Sabrina Parsons |

5 Simple Tips On Working At A Startup

If you’re interested in startups, especially working with one, you should read 17 Simple Tips On Working At A Startup, posted in LinkedIn by Dharmesh Shaw of the very popular Hubspot and the onstartups.com blog. I’ll let the link here take you to his full list. But here are some of my five favorites (with their...

By Tim Berry |

My favorite apps to keep productive in 2013

I’m a sucker for any app that helps me be more productive. I’ll try any new to-do list and I’m always on the lookout for the next great project management tool. Over the past year, there have been some fantastic new productivity apps as well as some refreshes of a few classics. To help you...

By Noah Parsons |

Take a CopyWriter to Lunch and an Editor to Dinner.

I’m a good writer. I know that. I’m proud of that. I write relatively fast, relatively finished non-fiction business writing. I have degrees to prove it, but of course they don’t. And I have published works to prove it, and they do. Google me. However — and this is the point — I am not...

By Tim Berry |

5 Signs You Need to Modernize a Legacy Application

The word “modernization” has a connotation nearly all of us like. For software, it means newer, faster, sleeker, and more useful—all qualities we want our business applications to have. But modernizing a legacy system—the software your organization has relied on for many years—can be difficult. From convincing your board to approve the change to getting...

By Adam Green |

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