With Email Center Pro, Efficiency is in the Cards

Over 100 incoming emails a day. Four customer service representatives. One inbox and one workstation set up to receive all the messages. How does a company with that set up and that volume of email make sure that every customer gets responded to quickly? And that everyone is clear who ‘owns’ each conversation, from the...

By Palo Alto Software |

Reflecting on Unretirement 3 Years After

This collection of posts on my unretirement (I think I’m adopting Steve King’s term) came up this week, I guess because of the interview Romy Ribitzky did last week with me and my daughter Sabrina, about how I stepped down from managing the company to focus on blogging, writing, speaking and teaching instead. That was...

By Tim Berry |

Home is Where Business is Good–or Vice Versa?

About 19 years ago my wife said: “Tim, we put up with all the downside of owning our own business. Why don’t we get some upside, and move to where we want to live?” So we did. We moved from Palo Alto, Calif., to Eugene, Ore. And we’re glad we did. A friend asked me...

By Tim Berry |

How I organize my Google Reader

In our social media training we talk a lot about creating listening stations and using RSS readers to help us keep up with online conversations. “How do I keep up with all of these feeds that I’ve added to my feed reader” is a question that always comes up during these sessions. For me, the...

By Bill Brelsford |

Three Envelopes Transition

I first heard about the Three Envelopes more than 30 years ago when I was working for a local educational institution. It was a very short presentation on briefing the person replacing you. Over the years I’ve run across the program in other places, in slightly different forms, including some Internet search results. I’m retiring...

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Contacts List Fails Email

My sister-in-law is due for some very specialized heart surgery. She has to travel from Hawaii to Los Angeles for the procedure. For several weeks she was emailing the surgeon’s office, trying to confirm the day and time of her procedure, pre-op appointments, preparatory instructions and the like. Irritatingly, the surgeon’s office never replied. Finally,...

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On Gooses and Golden Eggs and Nitpicky Savings

It’s hard, as businesses grow, to cross the divide between simple enthusiasm and normal management. Things like time clocks and cost cutting can seem like good ideas – management – but end up as very bad ideas. Buzz killers. And startups thrive on buzz. Over the long holiday weekend I caught Can a single bottle...

By Tim Berry |

Email bridges the gap in Copenhagen

If the health of our planet is of interest to you, then the next two weeks are as important as any in history, as told by Connie Hedegaard. The incoming president of COP15, the United Nation’s conference on climate change, does not mince words about the crucial nature of this global gathering. In an article...

By Jason Gallic |

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