Three Envelopes Transition

I first heard about the Three Envelopes more than 30 years ago when I was working for a local educational institution. It was a very short presentation on briefing the person replacing you. Over the years I’ve run across the program in other places, in slightly different forms, including some Internet search results. I’m retiring...

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Contacts List Fails Email

My sister-in-law is due for some very specialized heart surgery. She has to travel from Hawaii to Los Angeles for the procedure. For several weeks she was emailing the surgeon’s office, trying to confirm the day and time of her procedure, pre-op appointments, preparatory instructions and the like. Irritatingly, the surgeon’s office never replied. Finally,...

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On Gooses and Golden Eggs and Nitpicky Savings

It’s hard, as businesses grow, to cross the divide between simple enthusiasm and normal management. Things like time clocks and cost cutting can seem like good ideas – management – but end up as very bad ideas. Buzz killers. And startups thrive on buzz. Over the long holiday weekend I caught Can a single bottle...

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Email bridges the gap in Copenhagen

If the health of our planet is of interest to you, then the next two weeks are as important as any in history, as told by Connie Hedegaard. The incoming president of COP15, the United Nation’s conference on climate change, does not mince words about the crucial nature of this global gathering. In an article...

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Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish Entrepreneurs

Over the weekend I read Taking care of the cobbler’s children on Nash Ramblings. This is good advice, punctuated by experience and some realistic scare stories. Post author Donald Patti starts with a story of an otherwise-thriving small business temporarily crippled by its systems failing. He says: Yet, despite the obvious success of the business,...

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Build Your Business Webinar Recording

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009, I presented a webinar titled “Build Your Business, Not Just Your Business Plan, on  Thursday Nov. 19, 2009. The recording of that webinar, plus an additional segment of questions and answers, is now available on YouTube. If for any reason you don’t see that video embedded here, you...

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Is Disaster Recovery Possible When the Computing Cloud Evaporates?

How much is your data worth? If you are a customer of T-Mobile using their Sidekick mobile device, all your personal data, pictures, contacts, emails, calendars, etc., which you had stored with them is worth one month’s service plan fees. So, do you agree? Well, that’s what T-Mobile is offering users who lost all their...

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All About You

Last week I started assisting my mother and my aunt in starting blogs. It’s been quite a while since I created a new blog from scratch using the WordPress platform and it gave me a unique chance to see the blank slate a blog starts on. All those exciting possibilities to create a space for...

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