A Marketing Tool that Works Day and Night — 24/7

You expect a business to have a telephone. Well, these days, a business is expected to have a web site as well—it’s a credibility issue. And although it’s a complicated subject, once launched, what could be easier than using the internet to spread your marketing message, educate your prospects, and convert prospects to clients? In...

Got an Hour? Create a Server in the Cloud

OK, I admit it: I post for startups about why you need to take advantage of the cloud–specifically, the Amazon.com cloud that seems to be available to all and priced for accessibility–but I haven’t quite mastered the Amazon cloud server step. I do use the Amazon S3 servers for all the illustrations on this blog...

By Tim Berry |

Email Sure Is Dead… If “Dead” Means “Useful”

Every so often (a rather ambiguous date range, don’t you think?) the demise of email is predicted. It’s a pain. It’s a spam-laden nightmare. It’s archaic and clunky. It’s possible that you, too, see email through this lens. But I’m going to hazard a guess and say that, regardless, email is still an essential part...

By Jason Gallic |

If You’re On the Web, Get on the Cloud

If you’re involved with a web business, are you on the cloud yet? Consider this comment from a partner at Union Ventures. This is Albert Wenger on his blog Continuations: All of this is great news for startups because it is further driving down the cost of hosting.  At this point I am encouraging everyone...

By Tim Berry |

Another Comm-puter needed

I’m swamped by communication! I reel from real-time info overload! My every working hour seems to be comm-andeered by more demands for instant attention! New applications appear daily to help me talk, hear, organize, schedule and interact with the people here at PAS. We have email applications of course. Our local machine email, Outlook, Eudora,...

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19 Useful Online Applications

Start with this list of 15 Applications No Online Business Can Live Without on Freelance Folder this morning. Some are obvious–Google Analytics, for example, and Basecamp–and some I’ve never heard of, but want to. Add four more: 16. Email Center Pro As soon as you have a second person–let alone three, five or 10–working with you,...

By Tim Berry |

Another Email Fail: You Can’t “Reply to All”

Nielsen, as in the company that does TV ratings and such, has removed the “reply to all” feature from their email client.  Read more about it here in this article. Their theory is that removing the “reply to all” feature will force people to really think about who should be copied on the message. IF...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Learning to Live with Google

I think it’s important to understand the world of Internet search as defined by Google. In The Elephant in the Room on his blog, Coding Horror, Jeff Atwood lays it out clearly. Yes, I like Google. Yes, Google works great and has been my homepage for about eight years now. Google nailed search, and they...

By Tim Berry |

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