Good planning for succession in the family business

Small businesses, individually owned or family-owned, are really the backbone of this country’s economy, employing more people nationwide than the big-name giant corporations, and serving most of our daily living needs. For many of these businesses, family continuity, the transition/succession of ownership/management from one generation to the next, is a huge issue. I’ve worked for...

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Seth Godin Adds Meaning to Bizdev

I admit it: Business development (bizdev) seemed to me like an internet catch-all job with little definition, little standardization and–all too frequently–little meaning. And I say “admit” it and “seemed to me” because I know that’s a very negative generalization, often plain wrong. But there was a time when every next person in those awkward...

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Records Retention Schedule

All of us know that we need to save and safeguard our business records. And after a few years we find that all these records we’ve been keeping are taking up more floor space in file cabinets than work space for ourselves and our employees. The good news is that we really don’t have to...

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Email Madness Solved

Email is one of those things that people talk A LOT about fixing. It makes a terrific virtual water cooler topic because it meets the following requirements: 1. It’s draining 2. It’s incessant 3. Almost everyone has a suggestion about how to manage it I’m going to go out on a limb and postulate that...

By Jason Gallic |

How Copying Canadian Tire Can Help Grow Your Small Business Big Time

Canadian Tire CEO Stephen Wetmore is growing his “smart stores.” Some store sales have grown between six and eight percent, and some departments have more than doubled. You can grow your retail business by copying some of his proven ideas. Here’s how: Give more attention to growing categories. For Canadian Tire, these are sports, recreation,...

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A Marketing Tool that Works Day and Night — 24/7

You expect a business to have a telephone. Well, these days, a business is expected to have a web site as well—it’s a credibility issue. And although it’s a complicated subject, once launched, what could be easier than using the internet to spread your marketing message, educate your prospects, and convert prospects to clients? In...

Got an Hour? Create a Server in the Cloud

OK, I admit it: I post for startups about why you need to take advantage of the cloud–specifically, the Amazon.com cloud that seems to be available to all and priced for accessibility–but I haven’t quite mastered the Amazon cloud server step. I do use the Amazon S3 servers for all the illustrations on this blog...

By Tim Berry |

Email Sure Is Dead… If “Dead” Means “Useful”

Every so often (a rather ambiguous date range, don’t you think?) the demise of email is predicted. It’s a pain. It’s a spam-laden nightmare. It’s archaic and clunky. It’s possible that you, too, see email through this lens. But I’m going to hazard a guess and say that, regardless, email is still an essential part...

By Jason Gallic |

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