Don’t Let “Vacation Email” Happen to You

This is a time of year when family and good cheer should take precedence over work and things like email monitoring. Many of us will step away from our inboxes and turn our focus on real boxes — those containing gifts. Of course that’s not to say that messages aren’t going to continue materializing in...

By Jason Gallic |

If the Sky is Falling, Say So

(Note: I posted this earlier on Small Business Trends. I’m reposting here for the convenience of my readers at Entrepreneur.com. Tim) A couple of weeks ago a well-known local restaurant with 40-some employees closed its doors on a Monday morning without telling anybody in advance. Employees arrived Monday to a sign saying the business had...

By Tim Berry |

Counterintuitive marketing advice for the bad economy

Today’s guest author is Curt Clinkinbeard, the Director of Training at the FAMEE Foundation. Curt is a former director at the Kansas University Small Business Development Center, an author, consultant, speaker and enthusiast for entrepreneurship.  Curt was the former VP of Sales and Marketing for a rapidly growing medical firm. During his 13 year tenure,...

By Palo Alto Software |

Economic Pit and Pendulum

Funny thing about confidence and the economic climate . . . and good to remember these days: The pendulum usually swings too far. When things are up, they seem more up than what they really are; and when things are down, they seem worse. Reality is somewhere in between. I like this reflection by Jeffrey...

By Tim Berry |

Microsoft for Startups

If you’re involved with a software-related startup business that is less than 3 years old, with less than $1 million in annual sales, then you qualify for special help–lots of free development software and extra Microsoft support–through Microsoft’s BizSpark program. What you get for that is a package of development software. Here’s a list from the...

By Tim Berry |

What’s a Board of Advisors? Why Have One?

Riddle: What do you call a board of directors that has no power? Riddle: What sounds official and legal but probably isn’t; sounds expensive and probably isn’t; sounds like a good idea and might be, or not; depending on who you are and how you implement it? You guessed right: The board of advisors. Here’s...

By Tim Berry |

The Psychology of Email

The science behind email behavior is extensive, I’m sure, and not something that I purport to know much about, from a factual standpoint. Most of the email-based thoughts and assumptions I make throughout my day are driven by a fair bit of intuitiveness — with a dash and a half of instinct and a peppering...

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New Way to Build Software Sharing Teams

The simple pitch at fairsoftware.net is very attractive: Team up (find people you can trust), sell, share (reward your team). Our unique system is powered by a legally sound contract, the “Software Bill Of Rights,” in which virtual “shares” represent decision-making and revenue-sharing rights. It’s easy to give shares to anyone who helps out in...

By Tim Berry |

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