What Shape and Size Is Your Email Signature?

How often do you get an email without a signature and therefore have to dig through past emails or notes to locate that person’s phone number or other contact information? This may seem like a minor thing, but to me a complete signature adds a level of completeness and professionalism to the email. Email signatures...

By Kristen Langham |

Working at Palo Alto Software does not suck

On DumbLittleMan today there was a post on creating the perfect environment. After reading the article, I stood up and looked around our office. We’ve been in these offices for a little over a year, and I think everyone is much happier and more productive here. Orange day in full force! Here we are standing...

By Palo Alto Software |

How Our Succession Strategy Worked

I just got back from a conference in Miami where Tim, (my dad) the president of Palo Alto Software, and I, the CEO of Palo Alto Software spoke on succession strategies. As Tim and I planned our talk, and discussed how to involve the audience in our story, I felt that Tim had more to...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Free website creators

Ten years ago, creating a good website demanded an obscure, even downright weird set of skills. Basic HTML was easy enough to learn — I remember picking up the basics over a long weekend, preparing to move a set of technical documentation into a HTML-based online help system. But getting websites to behave themselves in...

By Kristen Langham |

Quick, free image editing

What do you do when you need to quickly modify an image for a business document or presentation, and you don’t have access to your regular photo editing application or, even more commonly, your Photoshop guy. (Ours is called Rodrigo. Hi, Rodrigo!) I found myself in this situation the other day, helping a family member...

By Kristen Langham |

What list goes with which list and where does it all go?

I’ve been exchanging emails with my brother all morning about organization. He asked if I had some favorite online applications that I use to keep me organized. I pulled open my del.icio.us bookmarking account and realized I really had too many. Now, I have to admit, I have moments of being a very organized person...

By Palo Alto Software |

Grow and Expand – The Right Way!

Once a business is up and running, and things seem to be going well, people often wonder whether they should grow and expand their business. Anita Campbell has a good small post about Knowing When It’s Time To Expand, although she says “I wish there were a magic answer.  If there is one, I don’t...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Listen to the people who actually do the work

I just read a fascinating article on pbs.org about the sad demise of Business 2.0 magazine. I think the most interesting thing about the failure of the magazine is Time Inc.’s complete lack of understanding of what made Business 2.0 work. Time apparently implemented a new strategy that lumped all the “business” magazines together, and...

By Sabrina Parsons |

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