The Art of Execution

I noticed this very plan-as-you-go post by Guy Kawasaki on his blog. What I like about it, particularly, is where Guy says “set goals” and then lists these four desirable qualities of goals: Measurable. If a goal isn’t measurable, its unlikely you’ll achieve it. For a startup, quantifiable goals are things like shipping deadlines, downloads,...

Measure Your Business Plan Results

(Note: reposted here with permission from, where it first appeared, as one of my columns in the Business Plan coaching area. Since it’s so closely related to the plan-as-you-go approach, I’m reposting it here. Tim.) Plans are wrong, but nonetheless vital. There’s a paradox for you. It’s a simple statement, one that I hope...

Nancy Duarte on Slide:ology

The book is Slide:ology, and this five-minute video is a great summary. And you might also enjoy this summary from CBS news, another short video.

New Attitude Adjustment Video Summary

I’ve just finished a 12-minute online video (presentation, slides, with me talking) summary of Chapter 2, Attitude Adjustment. Click here for that … it does require Flash Player¬†and Java on your system, and the window has to be about 860 pixels wide to show the whole thing.

Why This Approach?

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Installing the Business Plan Pro Add-on

I’ve finished a nine-minute video showing you how to download and install the free add-on, available on this site, to implement a default plan-as-you-go business plan outline as an add-on to Business Plan Pro. That video is available on YouTube. This video shows you how to download the add-on, install it into Business Plan Pro,...

The Secret Sauce

Where’s my discussion of the secret sauce? Somebody¬†asked me that a couple days ago, expecting it to be in this book. I was embarrassed. I talk about the secret sauce a lot, in my seminars and in my class, at the office. It’s definitively another view of the same reality I’m calling the heart of...

Plan as you Go and Business Plan Pro

This is a flash video, set for 800×600 dimensions, which will require that you install Flash on your system if you don’t already have it. just click this link … Planning as you go with Business Plan Pro … it should open up a new window with a media player showing, and an obvious arrow...

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