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How to Write Great Copy for Your Website

You don’t know what’s going to work on your website. What copy is going to work. What layout is going to work. What colors are going to work. Is it going to be better to put a product image at the top of the page or the bottom? Should it be on the left or...

A Brilliant Idea Free for Entrepreneurs

If you’re interested in a “brilliant idea” that David Pogue, technology writer at The New York Times, is “offering to the entrepreneurs of the world at no charge,” it’s about expensive toys and the novelty wearing off. He was reviewing Pleo, “the (yawn) dino-robot,” a new $350 toy that reminded him way too much of...

HBO to Offer Free Downloads Online

Browsing this morning, I see HBO To Go Online With Free Downloads on The Huffington Post. Which reminds me, wasn’t it just three months ago that The New York Times went free online? What’s going on here? Is this a traffic or eyeballs gold rush like we had in the late 1990s? And if so,...

‘Diets are Sad’ is Good Marketing

Megan sent me this picture from Oxford. She said she likes that sign. I say there’s some good marketing there, and food for thought for startups wanting to grow. Always look for the differences. Surprise people. Go off the path, and somebody will be able to understand why you’re different and like it.

Ridiculously (in)effective?

About six months ago, I signed up to be eligible for a “Dash Navigation” GPS beta pool. Dash was giving away free GPS units to people for feedback in return. I don’t do a huge amount of traveling, so I wasn’t picked. But this morning I got an email from Dash Navigation. “Quick Survey from...

It was the best thing ever

  Everyone should have a customer like this: Customer Review of Bic Crystal ballpoint pen.These types of humor driven reviews are common with some of the more odd products on Amazon, but think of the great publicity this is generating. The interest in the company. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun. Link via

Don’t just Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

I live and work in the (relatively) small town of Eugene, Oregon. This is a town where supporting local merchants is taken very seriously and where the local Saturday farmers’ market is always crowded. I very much enjoy supporting local merchants and do so whenever I have the option. Buying local has many benefits including...

It’s not easy being a noob*

When my role at Palo Alto Software changed to focus on Social Media – I started to get a lot of people asking me questions like: “What blogs do you read? What social networks do you belong to? What’s this thing called RSS?” After answering these questions a couple of times, I started to put...

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