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Who are you really reaching with your message

I just posted on my personal blog, Mommy CEO, about marketing to women. There are some interesting questions that I bring up, and I wanted to cross post here at the blog. One of the biggest mistakes I see in business planning is people who think that “everyone” is their target market. For example:...

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Sales Person or Tattletale?

Tim Berry  just posted about annoying trade show tactics on his blog. Beyond the annoying sales person at trade shows Tim mentions, how about those annoying vendors who cold call you or employees at your company, and then get annoyed when you don’t call back? Or even worse, someone at your company does call back,...

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Address your target customer!

I just read about MINT, an online money management application, winning the TechCrunch 40 conference. I read TechCrunch, and I immediately wanted to see more about the chosen winner. I also happen to be the person who deals with tracking my household’s finances — from paying bills to budgeting our income. So when I heard...

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The Rising Cost of PB&J….

I have a favorite restaurant here in Eugene that I absolutely love…or should I say…did love.  This cafe has several locations around town and they are wildly popular.  Like any business would want to do, they are hoping to capitalize on their success.  Thus, they just opened their first “franchise model” store in town.  But...

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What Do You Spend on Your Pay-Per-Ignore?

So here is the question: how much Internet marketing money are these businesses spending in Web design, hardware, infrastructure, search-engine optimization, etc., to attract me as a potential customer, only to ignore me? What is their Pay-Per-Ignore?

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How to Write an Effective Marketing Plan

Contributed by Alan Gleeson. A marketing plan is a core component of a business plan. It relates specifically to the marketing of a particular product or service and it describes: An overall marketing objective A broad marketing strategy The tactical detail related to specific marketing activities The various costs associated with these activities Those tasked...

By Noah Parsons |

Creating Passionate Users

Passion is a key ingredient in the recipe for successful products, and more importantly the people that create them – customers and creators alike. But where do you get it – and are there different types of passion? I’m going to tune you into a blog that might just help you figure it out. The...

By Cale Bruckner |

Winning Shelf Space In a Competitive Market

Good article over at StartupJournal with an entrepreneurial story about Vitamin Water. Interesting insight into what it takes to get retail shelf space when you’re just starting out. It turns out that it’s just guts and perseverance… If you’re an entrepreneur, you already have that.

By Noah Parsons |

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