Starting a Business

Is Business Ownership Right For You?

Tim Berry recently spoke with Scott Brown about starting a business, why you should and shouldn’t, and why you need a business plan. Listen to the interview here or download for listening later. Download the interview (30mb MP3 file)

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More borrowing

I guess it’s a day to talk about borrowing. Here’s another startup that’s formalizing the marketplace for person-to-person borrowing and lending. If you need funds to get your business going, this could be a place to look. Link: Prosper

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Borrowing money to get started

Not everyone starting a business get’s VC money. Infact, very few do. For the rest of us, borrowing money from the bank or friends and family is how we start our businesses. A new company on the block helps borrowers and lenders formalize that relationship:LoanBack In some ways, it’s very similar to Circle Lending which...

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The Art of Bootstrapping

Here’s a must-read post from Guy Kawasaki on The Art of Bootstrapping. If you’re starting a business, read this. Actually, if you’re starting a business, you should be reading Guy’s blog. Period.

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Financing While Maintaining Equity

From the Newsletter – August 2005 ************************************ Financing While Maintaining Equity by Tim Berry When starting a new business, you may need start-up funds but lack the money to invest yourself. What are your options?  Can it be done without losing equity in the company? Start off by thinking about it from the other...

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An Entrepreneur’s Story has a story today that is a first hand account of an entrepreneur and how he created and uses his business plan. What this entrepreneur does and what many fail to do is revisit the plan on a monthly basis to keep his business on track. All businesses should do this. The only thing...

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Start-up Costs Table

I’m working on a tool for understanding how the standard start-up table breaks down into money raised and money spent, with money raised less money spent determining the opening balance. That’s posted at my site at as bpwstartup.swf. It’s a small file, less than 150K, so it should load quickly. It uses the Flash...

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