Starting a Business

How to Find Beta Testers to Validate Your Business Idea

You can't know for sure if everyone will be as excited about your new business as you are. But, getting beta testers to validate your business idea can help.

By Scott Miraglia |

5 People You Should Talk With Before Starting a Business

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own company? Make sure to talk to these 5 people before you start a business.

By Lisa Furgison |

How to Open a Business Bank Account

There’s more to opening a business bank account than going to your local branch and filling out an application. Here’s what you should consider.

By Lisa Furgison |

How to Apply for an EIN: Federal Tax ID Number

A federal tax ID number is also known as a federal employer identification number—also called an EIN or FEIN. Here's how to figure out if you need a federal employer identification number, and how to apply for one.

By Angelique O'Rourke |

Is Your Marketing Plan Aligned With Your Branding Goals?

Make sure branding and marketing align by following the 11 steps below to sync your business branding goals with your actions.

By Lexi Lu |

How a Medical Private Practice Business Can Overcome Obstacles to Success

Most healthcare practitioners aren’t trained to develop a business successfully. But to succeed at building a financially sustainable business, you need a strong organizational foundation. To protect your private practice from failure, take these essential steps.

By Brandon Seigel |

SaaS 101: Starting a Software as a Service Business

Considering launching your own app-based startup? Here are the basics to know before you begin. Read this first if you’re thinking about starting a SaaS or software as a service business.

By Brian Mackley |

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency Without Outside Funding

It’s easier to start a digital marketing agency without funding than people might think. Here's how one entrepreneur did it—from bootstrapping, to useful tools, to how (and when) to hire employees.

By Aaron Agius |

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