Starting a Business

Six Thoughts on Getting Space

Have you figured out your new business’ space strategy? Are you just a simple home office or do you need to rent space? Is it retail space, office space or what? Will your location match your business strategy? I had an interesting talk yesterday about the problems of location and space in small to medium-size...

Test the Waters First

Business plan or feasibility? To me they’re part of the same process. Essentially, the beginning stages of business planning involve testing the concept, kicking tires and realizing that you might hit an abandonment point fairly quickly. It’s like looking at the maps and websites and maybe even a guidebook or two before you take the...

Startup Ideas: Print Magazine with Web Content

There’s a double win for Up and Running with a story I found this weekend on The New York Times. It’s an interesting about-face for a Web winner who’s now investing in print magazines with an edge. And it’s also another turmoil story of founders arguing about whose idea is whose, and who owns what....

Web Videos Stealing TV Viewers, and Marketers

Here’s a trend to put into your startup thinking. Have you noticed how you spend more time on the computer and less with the TV? You’re not alone. The New York Times reports what everybody I know was already guessing, that Web videos are capturing viewers from TV. As broadband service becomes more available at...

Where and How to Buy Wholesale

I get this question a lot in email, from people gathering information about businesses they want to start. Lately I’ve been getting some email from this site: Wholesalers, Distributors, Importers and Manufacturers – goWholesale I can’t say I’ve used it and I vouch for it, but it seems like a good lead for those of...

Choose a Startup Like You Would a Spouse

So you want to start a business, but don’t know what kind? That reminds me of one day when a confirmed bachelor friend suddenly told me he’d decided to get married. “Who’s the bride?” I asked. He said he didn’t know, “but I’ve decided to step up the search.” Searching for a business to start,...

Business Plan Contests

Thoughts about social and sustainable business and business plan contests after a session with the University of Notre Dame business school.

Startup Ideas: Fair Trade Goods

New opportunities around fair trade goods.

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