Starting a Business

Startup Ideas: Fair Trade Goods

New opportunities around fair trade goods.

Startup Ideas: Green Restaurants

Here’s a tip for your restaurant startup: Go green. Whether you’re fast foods, fine dining, takeout or delivery, serve foods that are as nutritionally correct, organic and as socially correct as you can make them. That way you’ll ride the trend toward healthier eating that’s already obvious on both coasts and coming soon to the...

Startup Ideas: Caffeinometer

Here's a startup idea you're welcome to use: the caffeinemeter.

Startup at Age 72

We talk about baby boomers starting businesses, and generation Y (alias millennials) starting businesses, so how about 72-year-old Shirley Kuhnley and the Sweet Spot Bakery-Deli in Monroe, Oregon? She opened in July. I saw the story by Joe Mosely in the Eugene Register Guard. Monroe is a very small town in the Willamette Valley about...

5 Professional Mistakes to Avoid

Wow. It’s scary to me. There’s some really bad advice available on blogs. I just saw one about bootstrapping suggesting that bootstrappers starting new businesses are better off without the business professionals, meaning lawyers, accountants, and consultants. That’s the kind of advice that people throw around all too easily. It might be valid for some...

Start a Green Business

Today is Blog Action Day. Happily, since this blog is about starting a business, we stand at the absolute core of what environmental action is really about, and it has to be the best new business trend going. Go green. Saving the environment is going to be very good business, today, and for a long...

Should I start this business?

Aliza, who writes an entrepreneur focused blog on Work It Mom has a great post about how to analyze a business idea. She even mentions!  She offers great advice for anyone who has a business idea and is thinking about turning it into a real business. Here is some of the advice that I...

Local SBDCs Offer Affordable Help

I was in Denver a couple of weeks ago at the annual convention of the Association of Small Business Development Centers, ASBDC, which links together about 1,000 local SBDCs (that’s Small Business Development Centers), most of which are an excellent resource for you and your startup. The SBDCs are public sector centers funded by a...

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