Existing Companies Need Planning Too

Does your company have an annual strategic plan? Does your company develop an annual plan to polish its strategy, focus on main priorities, and manage its cash? Every business needs to plan Unfortunately, there is a myth that associates planning with start-ups. That’s particularly common in the United States. Because of that myth, inertia, putting...

By Tim Berry |

Plan vs. Actual, Part 1: Implement Your Plan and Keep It Alive

As you review implementation results with the people responsible, you will often find the need to set new goals and make course corrections. Keep track of the original plan and manage changes carefully. Although changes should be made only with good reason, don’t be afraid to update your plan and keep it alive. LivePlan┬áhas Planned,...

By Tim Berry |

Business Startup Strategy

I strongly suggest that would-be entrepreneurs do a business plan. As a result of completing the plan you will be much better prepared and know whether or not your business idea is feasible. Try the following article for a short-cut. However, I caution you on following a short-cut unless you have substantial experience or knowledge...

By Greg Balanko-Dickson |

Six Thoughts on Getting Space

Have you figured out your new business’ space strategy? Are you just a simple home office or do you need to rent space? Is it retail space, office space or what? Will your location match your business strategy? I had an interesting talk yesterday about the problems of location and space in small to medium-size...

By Tim Berry |

“You Aren’t My Customer” Works!

My “heart of the plan” thinking has a lot to do with targeting well and focusing, which often starts with what ‘Chelle Parmele calls A lesson in saying “You aren’t my customer.” There was a video report on MSNBC recently about a campground in the Great Smoky Mountain Park, Punkin Center Campground, that caters exclusively...

By Tim Berry |

10 Critical Cash Flow Rules (Part 2)

(This is cross posted from my column on Entrepreneur.Com) Cash flow problems can kill businesses that might otherwise survive. According to a U.S. Bank study, 82 percent of business failures are due to poor cash management. To prevent this from happening to your business, here are my 10 cash flow rules to remember. Profits aren’t...

By Tim Berry |

Smart Phone Sales Accelerating

Sometimes a well-publicized new product pulls an entire market with it. Since I bought my iPhone last summer, I seem to see more and more cool phones popping up on the market all the time. By cool phones I mean nice integration with GPS, mail servers and even nice music and video, the kind of...

By Tim Berry |

Startup Ideas: Print Magazine with Web Content

There’s a double win for Up and Running with a story I found this weekend on The New York Times. It’s an interesting about-face for a Web winner who’s now investing in print magazines with an edge. And it’s also another turmoil story of founders arguing about whose idea is whose, and who owns what....

By Tim Berry |

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