The 20 Worst Ever VC Investments

You’ve heard of Moby Dick and the one that got away? How about 20 really bad investments? This list, posted today on and compiled by its editors, is a reminder of what burn rate really means, with a hint of what valuation once meant (traffic, not sales; notoriety, not fundamentals). It’s also a an...

By Tim Berry |

New Products, New Markets: Kindle

Have you seen this? Later this week, is releasing its new Kindle, a new kind of ebook reader with Amazon behind it. I’ve been a fan of ebooks myself. I’ve been tempted to buy the new Sony reader, and I did buy an early ebook reader for a daughter who is a voracious reader....

By Tim Berry |

Startup Ideas: Green Restaurants

Here’s a tip for your restaurant startup: Go green. Whether you’re fast foods, fine dining, takeout or delivery, serve foods that are as nutritionally correct, organic and as socially correct as you can make them. That way you’ll ride the trend toward healthier eating that’s already obvious on both coasts and coming soon to the...

By Tim Berry |

Back to Basics

Today on Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix, Paul Barsch writes “Glorifying the Gut.” He references the trends that we have seen recently that push business people to use intuition and gut feel, instead of real facts and data to make decision. Thank goodness though, that Paul seems to think that the pendulum may be swinging back...

By Sabrina Parsons |

5 Professional Mistakes to Avoid

Wow. It’s scary to me. There’s some really bad advice available on blogs. I just saw one about bootstrapping suggesting that bootstrappers starting new businesses are better off without the business professionals, meaning lawyers, accountants, and consultants. That’s the kind of advice that people throw around all too easily. It might be valid for some...

By Tim Berry |

Start a Green Business

Today is Blog Action Day. Happily, since this blog is about starting a business, we stand at the absolute core of what environmental action is really about, and it has to be the best new business trend going. Go green. Saving the environment is going to be very good business, today, and for a long...

By Tim Berry |

Heart of a Plan: Market, Identity, Focus

(Note: I posted this on my Planning Startups Stories blog yesterday, and I’m crossposting it here because it’s so directly related to business planning. Tim) Think of it as the heart of the business, like the heart of the artichoke: it’s a group of three core concepts that can’t be separated. Market, identity, and focus....

By Tim Berry |

A New View of Facebook: Huge Database

Thanks to Stu Phillips of Soaring on Ridgelift for pointing out Fred Vogelstein’s article The Facebook revolution in the LA Times on Sunday. Fred is a great journalist and always thinks outside the box – the premise of his article is that another way to look at Facebook is as a huge database of interactions...

By Tim Berry |

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