Heart of a Plan: Market, Identity, Focus

(Note: I posted this on my Planning Startups Stories blog yesterday, and I’m crossposting it here because it’s so directly related to business planning. Tim) Think of it as the heart of the business, like the heart of the artichoke: it’s a group of three core concepts that can’t be separated. Market, identity, and focus....

By Tim Berry |

A New View of Facebook: Huge Database

Thanks to Stu Phillips of Soaring on Ridgelift for pointing out Fred Vogelstein’s article The Facebook revolution in the LA Times on Sunday. Fred is a great journalist and always thinks outside the box – the premise of his article is that another way to look at Facebook is as a huge database of interactions...

By Tim Berry |

“Have the Tough Conversations Early”

David Miller in Campus Entrepreneurship yesterday highlights a Business Week story Enron then MBA then Campus Entrepreneur, by Nicole Alvino, offering a good true story and some good advice. My personal favorite from the list of five is “have the tough conversations early.” That’s so true. Talk it out before there’s money or work already...

By Tim Berry |

Getting from Point A to Point B

Most people, when setting off on a trip, will have information and directions so that they can get from point A to point B. If you are driving, most likely, these days you will have a map from MapQuest or Google Maps with point to point driving direction. If you are flying you will have...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Startup Ideas: eLearning Technology

eLearning startups are appearing in new areas, generally beyond the most traditional.

By Tim Berry |

Grow and Expand – The Right Way!

Once a business is up and running, and things seem to be going well, people often wonder whether they should grow and expand their business. Anita Campbell has a good small post about Knowing When It’s Time To Expand, although she says “I wish there were a magic answer.  If there is one, I don’t...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Show Me the Money

Jeff Cornwall writes a blog post about collecting receivables, which makes me itch to post about planning for cash flow. I am afraid that I might sound like a broken record… but CASH IS KING. While you can certainly look into companies or tools that help you collect receivables to keep the cash flowing into...

By Sabrina Parsons |

What Do You Think: Idea or Implementation?

Is this successful startup based on a great idea, or great implementation?

By Tim Berry |

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