Success Stories

How I Made 2,000 Jewelry Sales on Etsy

Thinking about selling on Etsy? Stephanie Maslow talks about the lessons she learned getting her jewelry shop off the ground and earning money.

5 Tips on Growing a Successful Business

These are highlights from last week’s podcast interview of Fran Tarkenton by Stephen Lahey on Small Business Talent. These are direct quotes: When your mission is to help people, you’ve got a sustainable business plan because the byproduct of that is that they will do business with you and they will find your products and services valuable and they will pay...

How One Entrepreneur Started a Company With His Credit Card and Became a Millionaire

I had the opportunity recently to ask Sam Jain, the CEO of Fareportal, about his experience as growing his business from an idea to a multibillion-dollar organization.

From “Good Idea” to Funded Tech Startup: Building Hallspot

So how does a business-minded person with limited computer programming abilities launch a social network? I recently interviewed Hallspot founder Sean Thorne to ask him exactly that.

How I Got My First Customer: I Networked From the Very Start

Mike and Alan both drove business to their websites by networking from the very beginning with experts in their industry.

From a Recipe to a Restaurant: The Story of Ume Grill

Armed with some savings, a killer teriyaki steak recipe and a lot of determination, Helen and Rayton taught themselves how to open and run a hugely successful food cart in Eugene, Oregon.

How I Got My First Customer: I Traded Free Work For Paid Work

Deb could have just offered her services for free to secure her first sale, but instead she bartered her way into a fully paid contract.

How I Got My First Customer: I Called My Old Boss

Both Donnie and Flynn started their own businesses off on the right foot by contracting with their former full-time employer. It's easier than you'd think.

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