Success Stories

5 Tips on Growing a Successful Business

These are highlights from last week’s podcast interview of Fran Tarkenton by Stephen Lahey on Small Business Talent. These are direct quotes: When your mission is to help people, you’ve got a sustainable business plan because the byproduct of that is that they will do business with you and they will find your products and services...

How One Entrepreneur Started a Company With His Credit Card and Became a Millionaire

I had the opportunity recently to ask Sam Jain, the CEO of Fareportal, about his experience as growing his business from an idea to a multibillion-dollar organization.

From “Good Idea” to Funded Tech Startup: Building Hallspot

So how does a business-minded person with limited computer programming abilities launch a social network? I recently interviewed Hallspot founder Sean Thorne to ask him exactly that.

How I Got My First Customer: I Networked From the Very Start

Mike and Alan both drove business to their websites by networking from the very beginning with experts in their industry.

From a Recipe to a Restaurant: The Story of Ume Grill

Armed with some savings, a killer teriyaki steak recipe and a lot of determination, Helen and Rayton taught themselves how to open and run a hugely successful food cart in Eugene, Oregon.

How I Got My First Customer: I Traded Free Work For Paid Work

Deb could have just offered her services for free to secure her first sale, but instead she bartered her way into a fully paid contract.

How I Got My First Customer: I Called My Old Boss

Both Donnie and Flynn started their own businesses off on the right foot by contracting with their former full-time employer. It's easier than you'd think.

Meet the Grand Prize Entrepreneurs of the BEC Boost

Three top-notch business plans won their writers $35,000 in cash and prizes at this year's first-ever BEC Boost. Meet the entrepreneurs (and the companies) behind the winning plans.

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