Success Stories

Small Business Spotlight: Amy Proos

Amy Proos is the award-winning CEO of Proos Manufacturing in Michigan. This is the story of how she got into the business and how her company weathered the Great Recession.

New York Startup Exversion is Making Data Sexy (StartupBus Post #9)

Zack Price, a Chicago entrepreneur, on the development of the New York tech startup Exversion.

How I Got My First Customer: I Volunteered For A Non-Profit

Sam and Abbey both donated their services to a non-profit, and got paying customers as a result.

How founder plans to out-innovate the online music scene, an online music tournament, discovers musical talent in a way that has never been done before.

Building Confidence in Key Moments to Build a Breakthrough Startup

Whether its delivering a TED Talk, or a pitch, you're going to need to shake the nerves and show some confidence and preparation.

Music Entrepreneurship: Portland rap legend Cool Nutz shares the secrets of his success

I sat down with Portland rapper Cool Nutz to understand what’s made him so successful, and why there aren't a lot of rappers in his position.

Steve Jobs as Joe DiMaggio – From Cupertino to Cooperstown

My last blog ended with a Simon & Garfunkel reference to Steve Jobs as our generation’s Joe DiMaggio and how Tech-Nation turns it’s lonely eyes to the Google guys – Larry & Sergey. Then I realized something … Steve Jobs’ consecutive string of hit consumer devices is quite similar to Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak. But Jobs died,...

Rebelmouse CEO On Dealing with the ‘Tremendous Pace of Change’

The Bloomberg television interview posted here more than five years ago is no longer available. CEO Andrea Breanna talked about how Rebelmouse deals with constant change. Rebelmouse started less than a year ago and now powers more than a quarter of a million sites, including some very large brands and thousands of individuals and...

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