Venture Capital and Angel Investors

What My Startup Accelerator Taught Me About Pitching

The culmination of an entrepreneurship accelerator is the opportunity to pitch investors on your business. After my business partners and I spent eight weeks in a startup accelerator at the JFE Network, we got the chance to show off Credential Cabinet to a room full of attentive investors. Pitching was a great experience. We told...

5 Lessons “Shark Tank” Can Teach You About Pitching to Angel Investors

The TV show "Shark Tank" has a lot in common with the normal flow of angel investment. These are the five key lessons to take away from it.

How to Pitch Your Business to Angel Investors [FREE WEBINAR]

Join Caroline Cummings and David Rose on Wednesday, November 20, at 10 am PST, for a free webinar on how to pitch your business to investors.

Willamette Angel Conference Invests More than $450K

Yesterday’s Willamette Angel Conference (WAC) 2013 event invested more than $465,000 in four Oregon startups, highlighted by more than $250,000 in Portland-based Sonivate, which has developed a fingertip-mounted ultrasound probe that enables imaging while leaving both hands free to do work with simultaneous tactile feedback. Three other startups got WAC investment at the event: Amorphyx,...

The 10 Questions I Didn’t Expect to be Asked by Investors

If you're raising money for your company and you want to pitch to angel investors or venture capitalists, then there are a few important things to know that savvy investors care about.

How to Negotiate with Prospective Investors

Raising finance is a time consuming process and can also be quite stressful (particularly as time progresses). There may be some date in the future where your current trading position is no longer sustainable (which has brought you to the table in the first place). It is worth remembering that you need to recognise that...

5 Quick and Easy Info Sources About Angel Investment

If you’re looking for angel investors, then I have a resource list for you. This is a tiny fraction of good resources, more a “start-here” list than a good list. Start with’s knowledge section. (pronounced like a gust of wind) is a platform for angel investment, grouping together several hundred angel investor groups...

VC Money: If You Don’t Need it, Don’t Accept it

I like this excellent 3-minute video by Paul Kedrosky, venture capitalist, thinker, and Kauffman fellow. Here’s a summary: In “Money Game,” Kedrosky breaks down the various methods that entrepreneurs use to raise capital for new ventures, as well as the benefits–and hazards–tied to each. While entrepreneurs’ greatest source of capital is personal savings, Kedrosky says...

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