Venture Capital and Angel Investors

Debunking a Myth: Business Plan = Venture Funding?

Time and time again I am surprised when people espouse the common myth that you only need to write a business plan if you are seeking funding for your business.  And then I start lecturing them. Yes, every entrepreneur needs to start with a business plan, and I mean EVERY entrepreneur, not just those seeking...

By Sabrina Parsons |

If You Are Raising Money, You Need a Business Plan

There’s an excellent post yesterday from Steve King of Emergent Research on his Small Biz Labs blog: If You Are Raising Money, You Need a Business Plan. Steve acknowledges that people say venture capitalists don’t read plans, but adds: “that is totally missing the point.” He says: The goal is not to get a VC...

By Tim Berry |

Organizing Angel Investors

I woke up to the real world today after a great Thursday-Saturday stint judging the Rice University¬†Business Plan Contest. If you want to read about a very strong field of new ventures, I posted about that on my main blog today. I thought I’d add a note here about an interesting talk I had Saturday...

By Tim Berry |

5 Concrete Steps to Starting Valuation

(Note: this is posted here with permission from, where it originally appeared.) Last night we were talking about getting angel investment and valuation, which is one of, if not the, most important points in the discussion. Valuation is essentially price. Say you want to bring in $150,000 from an angel investor. The immediate question...

By Tim Berry |

Flying with Angel Investors

An angel investor is someone who loves to take a lot of risk, who (it is hoped) has a lot of industry expertise, who invests $50,000 or $100,000 in raw startups. This was recorded at a conference last month. It’s a good review of angel investment from two experts. Although I’ve got the video embedded...

By Tim Berry |

Green Tech Looking Golden

It’s hardly surprising, given the obvious need, that investors are ready and willing to put money into green clean technology. That’s not a hard prediction to make. Still, given the down economy and the generally down numbers and poor outlook on investing, how about this: During 2008, green-tech venture investments jumped to $8.4 billion, a...

By Tim Berry |

LearnVC–Your Guide to Raising Capital

Thanks go to Brad Feld of Ask the VC for posting about Learn VC, where Jeff Boardman is putting up a basic information site providing background for new entrepreneurs, seasoned entrepreneurs and new investors. To get started, take a look at the calculators, such as the pre- and post-money valuation. Well done.

By Tim Berry |

Five Common Myths About Angel Investing

Myths about angels. No, I don’t mean the ones from heaven, just the ones who supposedly invest in your business. I’m talking about a new book by Scott Shane, Fool’s Gold?, about the myths of angel investment. And in this case, myths matter. Kelly Spors interviewed Shane in The Wall Street Journal last week, and...

By Tim Berry |

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