Writing a Business Plan

How to Write a Bakery Business Plan

If your passion for baking delicious pastries has led to you starting a bakery, you'll need a business plan to do it. Here's our guide to get you started.

How to Write an eCommerce Business Plan + Template

When starting an eCommerce business, it’s tempting to just set up your digital shop. But like any business in order to succeed you need a business plan.

Fundamentals of Lean Planning: How to Plan Less and Grow Faster

Lean Planning unlocks faster growth and increases your chances of success. Learn how to create a modern, one-page Lean Business Plan in under 20 minutes.

The Key Elements of the Financial Plan

If you want to successfully start a business, you'll need a financial plan. Here are the key financial elements you'll need and how to put them together.

How to Write a Food Truck Business Plan

Start your food truck the smart way and build a solid business plan. You’ll reduce your risk and make more money. Free template included.

How to Forecast Cash Flow

Your business may be profitable, but it can still fail if you run out of cash. Learn how to forecast cash flow to avoid unforeseen cash flow problems.

How to Write a Business Plan for a Retail Clothing Boutique

Your dream of owning a retail clothing boutique can become a reality. You already have the style, all it takes now is a little planning. Let's get started.

How to Conduct a Market Analysis in a Crisis

Understanding your potential market, competition, and customers is necessary for business planning, but how do you conduct a market analysis in a crisis?

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