Writing a Business Plan

Solopreneurs Can Grow Faster and Smarter With a Lean Business Plan

You've made the decision to become a solopreneur, and you know exactly what you're going to do. But do you really know if it will work? Having a business plan will help you find out for sure—and a Lean Business Plan is faster, easier, and more effective for a solopreneur than a lengthy formal business plan.

By Margaret Kerr-Jarrett |

How to Write a Business Plan: Use This Checklist to Keep Yourself on Task

Business planning isn't just a one-time event, and it doesn't have to be overly complicated. We've created a business planning checklist to help make the process easier—no matter what kind of plan you need to write.

By Candice Landau |

Why You Should Update Your Business Plan Regularly to Drive Growth

What if you find your business coming to a standstill—or worse, if you start to see signs that your business might be failing? It's a scary moment for entrepreneurs, but regularly updating your business plan can help prompt growth and prevent business slowdown. Here's how to do it.

By John Catibog |

How to Write a Business Plan for a Subscription Box Service

The subscription box industry is growing rapidly, thanks to a steady revenue model and tapping into people’s love for surprises. If you want to start a subscription box business, here's how to write a subscription box business plan.

By Nate Mann |

Start With an Initial Assessment

Start the business planning process with a quick initial assessment. Even for an ongoing business, take the time to step away from the business and assess your business opportunity.

By Tim Berry |

Should You Stick to the Business Plan or Change It?

One of the hardest parts of business planning is answering this question: Do we stick to the business plan, or do we change it? Here's how to decide if you should stay the course, or revise your business plan.

By Tim Berry |

What Is an Income Statement?

Confused by the income statement, and by your financial statements in general? Learn what an income statement is, including a line-by-line explanation of its components, and view income statement examples.

By Angelique O'Rourke |

The Difference Between Cash and Profits

Never forget: Profits are not the same as cash, and understanding the difference between the two is an important part of running a successful business. Brush up on the crucial difference between cash and profits with this guide.

By Tim Berry |

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