I’m cynical enough to write that I don’t think this is big news, but still, it’s good to see the Department of Commerce saying the right things about entrepreneurship. And jumping onto Twitter is a good way to communicate with entrepreneurs.

Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke last week announced the formation of its new Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with the following goals:

  • Encouraging Entrepreneurs through Education, Training, and Mentoring
  • Improving Access to Capital
  • Accelerating Technology Commercialization of Federal R&D
  • Strengthening Interagency Collaboration and Coordination
  • Providing Data, Research, and Technical Resources for Entrepreneurs
  • Exploring Policy Incentives to Support Entrepreneurs and Investors

He also announced joining Twitter as SecLocke, which is an interesting development. Locke told CNN:

“It’s important that the Department of Commerce regularly communicates with American businesses and entrepreneurs to help them translate new ideas into economic growth,” Locke told CNN. “Innovation is going to be the key to our long-term economic growth, and we need to embrace new ways of communicating with small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

So that seems like a good step to take.

I posted here a couple of weeks ago how I don’t think real entrepreneurship sits around waiting for government policies one way or the other. And I’m sticking to that story. Still, at least they’re trying, which seems like a step in the right direction.

(Photo credit: from https://www.commerce.gov/CommerceSecretary/index.htm)

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Tim BerryTim Berry
Tim Berry

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