How to Choose a Franchise That's Right For You

If you are thinking about opening a franchise, be sure to watch our Google Hangout on “How to Choose a Franchise That’s Right For You” first.

Palo Alto Software CEO Sabrina Parsons will host Joel Libava, The Franchise King and a long-time franchise purchasing consultant, for an hourlong chat on how to take the first steps towards successful franchise ownership.

The free Hangout will air live on Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 10 am PST, and you can watch it on the Bplans Google+ page, the Bplans YouTube channel, or here on Bplans. No registration required—just follow Bplans on Google+, and tune in on Wednesday.

UPDATE: The Hangout was a great success! Check out the full video below:

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Bailey Koharchick
Bailey Koharchick

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