On the Google Operating System blog (yes, I know, I’m a geek) I read a post about employee’s leaving Google and their testimonials on why they left.

This particular quote from Mike Tsao, who worked in the Google Gears department, caught my eye.

“What makes Google unique is its culture of respect. The tough interview process means that engineers are treated with respect from their first day. In such a supportive environment, even the most timid person works with self-confidence, which is marvelous to witness. This element of the company’s culture was the biggest difference between Google and every other place I’ve worked in the past. I hope to take it with me throughout the rest of my career.”


What an awesome thing to be able to say about your company!

I know that as an employee, I will work harder for a company who values my opinion over a company that ignores me. No matter what perks are thrown into the mix.


‘Chelle Parmele
Happy and valued employee of Palo Alto Software