Sales are the driving force behind any company. Let’s face it, without sales there won’t be a company for very long. Because sales are so vital to an organization, how does one create a sales culture that works? Culture is the sum of the values, customs, traditions and beliefs that make a company unique. Basically it’s how you and your staff interpret experiences and behave, individually and in a group. Thus the sales culture is what you do about selling, how you do it, what beliefs you have about selling…everything that you think and do relative to the sales process. What’s important here is to look at how you manage sales people, the sales process and your beliefs about sales people and the sales process. If everything is working as you want, then I suspect you have already created a sales culture that works. On the other hand, if you find sales below targets, turnover rate in your sales team is high, every sale is a struggle or, in your heart, you know something needs to change, then look at your sales culture.

The sales culture of a company needs to change as the business changes. External and internal factors cause companies to change over time. Assuming that what got you here will get you there is foolish and naïve. Sales cultures need to adjust as the needs of the business change. When things aren’t working, the first step is to go back to basics. If sales aren’t what you want, then examine your sales culture. I’m betting it’s outdated or no longer serving your company in the economic climate you live in today.