Passion is a key ingredient in the recipe for successful products, and more importantly the people that create them – customers and creators alike. But where do you get it – and are there different types of passion? I’m going to tune you into a blog that might just help you figure it out.

The Creating Passionate Users blog, produced by the authors of the Head First books, is a great read for anybody with an interest in producing better products or services. Much of the writing is tuned towards the more technical but anybody with a customer will benefit from the free content this blog dishes out. Their posts are insightful, well researched, and often actionable. Death by risk-aversion and Listening to users considered harmful? are a couple of my favorite posts. Click into the Creating Passionate Users blog to reinvigorate your passion machine today!

Cale Bruckner – Palo Alto Software, Direct Product Development

Cale BrucknerCale Bruckner

Cale has developed a strong insight for what works and what doesn't work when it comes to business plans and marketing plans. He has business degrees in marketing and management from the Charles H. Lundquist School of Business at the University of Oregon and a solid background in business management and product marketing.