Passion is a key ingredient in the recipe for successful products, and more importantly the people that create them – customers and creators alike. But where do you get it – and are there different types of passion? I’m going to tune you into a blog that might just help you figure it out.

The Creating Passionate Users blog, produced by the authors of the Head First books, is a great read for anybody with an interest in producing better products or services. Much of the writing is tuned towards the more technical but anybody with a customer will benefit from the free content this blog dishes out. Their posts are insightful, well researched, and often actionable. Death by risk-aversion and Listening to users considered harmful? are a couple of my favorite posts. Click into the Creating Passionate Users blog to reinvigorate your passion machine today!

Cale Bruckner – Palo Alto Software, Direct Product Development

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Cale Bruckner
Cale Bruckner

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