Zipper’s Beachfront Restaurant
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is frequently cited as one of the top ten travel destinations in the world. Expensive resorts line pristine beaches and cater to the rich and famous. Yet one of the most popular beachfront restaurants in the area isn’t associated with any of the typical tourist venues.

Zipper’s Beachfront Restaurant is a little off the beaten path, and there’s nothing fancy about it other than great ocean view courtesy of Mother Nature. The restaurant’s owner, Tony Magdaleno (aka “Big Tony”), is a mini-celebrity. My husband and I were introduced to Zipper’s and “Big Tony” about ten years ago by some friends who own a second home in Cabo. Now, every year when we go back we, Zipper’s is on our “must do” list. And Big Tony always remembers us. As soon as he sees us, he makes his way to our table to say hello and welcome us back. Of course, that’s part of the reason folks like us come back time and time again. Big Tony makes you feel special.

During one of my trips there, I decided to chat with Big Tony about how he built his business and how he manages to continue to succeed with so much competition. “Most business comes from word-of-mouth, and I never forget a face,” he explained. “It is important to get repeat customers.”

It certainly does the trick at Zipper’s. More than 60 percent of the restaurant’s customers are tourists. Since Tony launched the restaurant 14 years ago, he says he has watched families come with young children who are now grown and returning with their own children. “I really enjoy that,” he said with his trademark big smile.

Big Tony is also a brand in and of himself. There’s a Big Tony cartoon character depicted on the restaurant’s coasters and signage which includes Tony’s famous slogan “Sale y Vale,” which as far as I can tell has no meaning – except at Zipper’s.

Building a base of loyal customers doesn’t require a huge marketing budget. Follow Big Tony’s example. Zipper’s doesn’t have a website and Tony doesn’t spend a lot of money on advertising. Nonetheless, during the slowest tourism months in Cabo, you’ll still find a comfortable crowd at Zipper’s. Big Tony understands the importance of building a loyal customer base by making people feel special. That’s why if you are ever in Cabo and get a chance to check out Zipper’s, you can count on Big Tony being there working the room.  Tell him I said hello.

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