I didn’t say it, Chris Brogan did – because he’s a smart guy. Actually what he said was this: “Customer service isn’t a chore. It’s the new PR” and it’s the truth, the public face of your company – which most likely is your customer service/customer care department is as important and as key to your survival as your PR.

So why do so many companies get it wrong?

Zappos.com is a well known example of a company that puts customer service before everything.  Our Vice President of Product Development, Cale Bruckner, could point you to a fly fishing company, Elkhorn Rod and Reel and how they made him happy about a question he had on his brand new reel. Or how about one of the most famous stories of them all- The Nordstrom’s “Tire return” story.

Good customer service doesn’t necessarily mean out of pocket. You don’t have to offer free shipping,  send free products or accept a return on a product you don’t even sell. Sometimes good customer service is remembering your repeat customers by name, it’s letting them know the shirt they are contemplating on buying will be going on sale the very next day, and sometimes it’s just a smile and a have a nice day.

Whatever it is, it’s noticed, and that person will become an evangelist and that evangelist will tell his fellow evangelists and you can see where I’m going from here.

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software