Self-financeTo V.C. or not to V.C.? The New York Times profiles two successful tech start-ups—GoodData, which at its start raised more than $50 million in venture capital funding, and RJ Metrics, which held out with self-financing for as long as possible—that went after the same market at the same time, and contrasts their approaches to finance.

Q. & A. on lean start-ups: The Times continues the venture capital conversation with Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur and founder of the lean start-up movement.

Anxious about the Affordable Care Act? You’re not alone. As the state health insurance exchanges prepare to open their doors later this year, they’re reaching out to small business owners to answer questions and relieve some stress.

“How a Mentor Can Help Your Business”: NFL Hall-of-Famer and entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton will host today’s National Small Business Week event on coaching and mentorship in small business. You can stream the event live at 4 p.m. today EST.

But what about micro businesses? When reporting success stories and planning programs, the U.S. government’s definition of “small” business includes companies with 1,500 employees and $35 million in annual revenue—maybe we should be talking about helping “micro” businesses instead.

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