Bogged down in accounting standards? The American Institute of CPAs recently released a new, simplified framework for small business accounting to make your life a little easier. The guidelines are meant to differentiate small business accounting standards from those of big, publicly-traded companies that are legally required to adhere to the more complicated Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Obama urges expanded workplace discrimination laws: The president has asked Congress to pass a bill banning workplace discrimination against gay and lesbian employees and applicants.

P.O.S. and Marketing Tool in One: Businessweek profiles a new small-business payment processor that’s joining the likes of Square and PayPal in revolutionizing credit card processing for brick-and-mortar businesses. Punchey distinguishes itself from the competition with cheaper processing fees, and by offering marketing metrics along with their payment services.

“How to Get a Loan For Your Business”: Today’s first National Small Business Week event is all about landing cash to grow your business. Guest speakers include an SBA loan administrator and the CEO of Eugene’s own Ninkasi Brewing, who successfully landed an SBA loan for their craft brewing company. You can stream the event live at 4 p.m. today EST.

Twitter co-founder tells entrepreneurs how to use Twitter: Today’s second National Small Business Week event features Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Square and Twitter. Dorsey will present best-use practices of Twitter for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and you can stream the event live at 7 p.m. today EST.


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