“What the heck is a BOSI Profile?” you ask.

It’s a measurement of your Entrepreneurial DNA—how you’re wired as an entrepreneur today. Your BOSI Profile says a ton about who you are as a person, how you’re wired to operate a business, how fundable you are—and what type of funding (VC, Angel, family/friends, bank etc) you’re best suited for. You can discover your BOSI Profile by taking the free BOSI Assessment today.

BOSI is acronym for Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator—the 4 Entrepreneurial DNAs. Investors today are either asking entrepreneurs to share their BOSI Profile—or intuitively figuring out your BOSI Profile from having talked to thousands of entrepreneurs like you. That’s the reason some entrepreneurs seem to have money thrown at them while others can’t get a lender or investor to give them a dime.

Investors and lenders know how to read behavioral cues, historical performance and personality to come up with a combined “profile” of who you are going to be as an entrepreneur.

The question is—do you see what they see?

Take the BOSI Assessment today to find out. Then invite some close peers to go through the confirmation process (it’s free) so you can see how others see you as an entrepreneur. This is a vital step in your entrepreneurial journey—so you don’t go into the business planning process with blinders (and blind spots). Blinders and blind spots are the top reasons most startups fail to launch successfully (that includes sourcing startup capital).

Over the next 4 weeks of posts I will introduce you to real-life case studies of entrepreneurs who fit these four different behavioral types. You’ll have a first-hand look at how their BOSI Profile impacted strategic decisions they made—and how trying to copy someone else’s business plans cost some of these entrepreneurs dearly.

Over 1,000 entrepreneurs (from multimillionaires to flat-broke ones) participated in the research that led to this assessment and business planning process. You’re going to benefit from their journeys, victories and defeats. Make sure to check back on Up & Running for the upcoming posts on this topic.

So as a quick recap, here are some quick things to do in preparation for the upcoming case study posts.

1) Take the BOSI Assessment yourself. It takes less than 5 minutes and your results are instant. It’s free to you – thanks to Bplans.

2) Watch the Breakthrough Entrepreneurship video course (again free thanks to Bplans). It will jump start you toward the insight you’ll be gaining through this series of posts.

3) Invite your co-founders, partners and trusted friends to take the confirmation assessment about you so you can get a 360 degree view of your entrepreneurial profile. Details on how to do this will be available for you once you’ve completed the assessment.

Being an entrepreneur can be the best or worst thing you’ve ever done. Having an accurate picture of your BOSI Profile is a critical step in ensuring your vision becomes a reality (and not a nightmare). Take it from me, a guy who is a three-time startup founder who has successfully raised money with every startup he has had, there is a hard way and a smart way to business startup.

I’d like to introduce you to the smart way as you go through this short journey with me and Bplans.

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Joe Abraham
Joe Abraham

Joe Abraham: Joe is founder/CEO of bosiDNA.com and its award-winning accelerator. A serial entrepreneur himself, Joe has started up, grown and exited three companies of his own and invested in over 20 growing startups. You can follow him on Google+.