Family reunion time is fast approaching. Yesterday I purchased a ticket to Austin Texas for this years reunion and the moment I hit the “submit” button for my order I noticed they had a “Green” area in the alternative purchases. Whoops gone.

Unfortunately, Expedia doesn’t seem to have an additional link on their site for people like me who don’t stop and read through their many additional offers, so I went in search of what I’d missed.

Back in August of 2006, TerraPass and Expedia partnered up to give people who purchased flights through the Expedia website the option to “carbon balance” their travel.

This being Earth Day, I thought it was only right that I followed through and purchased a balancing packet for my plane ticket to Austin. Doing so was fast and easy, kudo’s to TerraPass for making being environmentally conscious so easy to accomplish!

TerraPass is a low-cost, verified way to balance the global warming impact of your driving, flying, and home energy use. I’ve had an interesting time this morning going through and checking my own personal/business footprint in the world.

Have you checked and balanced your footprint?

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software

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