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A neighbor down the street from my house has been doing a fairly extensive remodeling project this summer. As fellow home owners my husband and I have been curious and always try to peek at the house to see what is being done. There is, of course, a little sign on the lawn letting us know what construction company is in charge of the remodel.

Yesterday in the mail we received a letter from Rainbow Valley Construction, the company in charge of our neighbor’s project. It was addressed to both me and my husband, and I could tell from the way my name is on the envelope that they had done their homework and looked up title information on home owners through the city, in order to address the envelope directly to us, and not to “current homeowner” or “resident.”

The letter let us know that they were working on the house and informed us that they were doing their best to keep the job site clean, equipment put away every night and noise and dust to a minimum. They also gave us a little history about their company (they have been doing remodels in the area for over 35 years) and invited us to come visit the job site to see their work.

Immediately I was intrigued and definitely interested to visit the job site. What a great way to reach potential customers and make them feel a little less intimidated by the idea of a remodeling project. Inviting us to visit them at the job site which is just a few houses away does a couple of great things for Rainbow Valley Construction:

  1. It gives them an opportunity to meet us – potential customers.
  2. It gives us an opportunity to chat and see the work being done at a house very close by us.
  3. It gets us thinking about potential remodel projects and lets us envision Rainbow Valley with a little sign outside on our lawn.
  4. It helps lessen the “contractor” intimidation. Our neighbors’ project is a pretty big one – yet it does seem to be progressing nicely and getting done quickly.

What a brilliant way to market to potential customers. Its easy, cheap, and not very time consuming. The mail was a simple letter to us on letterhead. No fancy brochure or color post card. Even if Rainbow Valley only gets one small job out of the mailing — it was definitely worth doing.

What a brilliant approach!

-Sabrina Parsons, aka MommyCEO

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