Each month, we’ll be narrowing our focus to look at specific issues of interest to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Blog posts may revolve around a theme, like fundraising, or a segment of the business population, like minority-owned businesses. The main topics that you count on Up and Running covering, like business planning tips, marketing trends, and business management skills and tools, will all be looked at through the lens of the monthly theme.

June, 2012:

Service Businesses

Running a service business is different than selling a product or service. How do you optimize a website for local searches? What happens when demand for your service outpaces the amount you can supply? We’ll answer some of these questions, and others that are unique to service-based businesses.

July, 2012:

Women in Business

With more and more women starting businesses, we’d all like to think that the playing field has been leveled. But has it? This month we’ll look at the challenges women still face in the boardroom, dealing with investors, and managing the work/life balance and the perceptions of others.

August, 2012:


The leadership skills of the people in charge can mean the difference between business success and failure. A good leader can inspire during lean times and motivate when there’s more work than hours in the day. Whether it’s leading a team or being a thought-leader in your industry, in August we’ll look at the far-reaching influence of good leaders and great leadership.