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By nature, small businesses (as well as big corporations) are always anxious for immediate results. Fast results are the hopes of all entrepreneurs, not to mention an expectation that’s been subconsciously engrained by the fast pace nature of our modern world.

Social media marketing is no different: the need for speed remains.

But just like size isn’t everything (good things can come in small packages), speed and stats aren’t everything.

Yes, “Likes” and positive reaction to your Facebook and social media output are good, but they won’t immediately result in an influx of sales and cash. But that’s okay.

Small businesses should be using social media to engage: to create social relationships that keep current customers captivated and encouraged to re-buy/revisit, and that draw in new visitors with valuable content, increasing the chance they will become paying customers down the line.

When creating your business’s social media presence on Facebook, you should certainly set metrics goals and monitor your progress. But you should not let the expectation of quick results or immediate sales spikes distract you from what’s important:

  • Bridging new relationships by growing your Fan-base
  • And offering valuable content and features that keeps your contacts engaged

You can do that be designing an elegant Facebook page that’s organized by specific call-to-action Tabs, enhanced by useful promotions, contests, coupons, and features, and populated by valuable content not sales-speak.

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Brooks Hays
Brooks Hays

Brooks Hays is a freelance writer and the resident content creator for Hy.Ly : sharing helpful social media marketing advice with customers and attempting to spread the good news about the Hy.Ly Tabs to would-be users. You can follow him on Google+.