This morning I’m very happy to be heading to Duke University, where I’m going to meet a lot of students, talk about entrepreneurship and business planning, and have a good time. I love college campuses. I’ve never been to Duke, but I’m certainly looking forward to it.

There’s a lot of controversy about entrepreneurship education these days. I posted 5 Entrepreneurship Basics Business Schools Don’t Teach two months ago on my main blog. And just last week, on this blog, this post about how research fails to show that entrepreneurship education generates startups in a society.

Still, research notwithstanding, an MBA was great for me, and I wouldn’t trade it. I’ve dealt with a lot of very good business plan contest teams from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, and I’ll be talking about business plans tomorrow night. If nothing else, entrepreneurship education is about offering education about something people really want to learn. And that justifies a lot.

Here’s the background on what I’m doing (among other things):

The Duke Entrepreneurship Education Series is a comprehensive program designed to introduce all Duke students–from graduate, professional and undergraduate schools–to the key concepts necessary for a future in entrepreneurship or venture capital.

And here’s a picture I found, a close-up of the roof decoration of the Duke University Chapel. This is another reason I love college campuses.

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