Don’t get so wrapped up in work that you forget to stay up with the current events of the business world! Amid all of the chaos, grab a cup of Joe and take a short reading break.

1. Responding to a New York Post article glamorizing drinking on the job, The Atlantic’s Jen Doll dispels the mystique of boozing with the boss by claiming that it is a ploy to keep employees at work longer.

2. Who says you have to be some young hotshot to start a business? CNN Money put together a slideshow of 60-and-above entrepreneursIt might sound strange, but there are some huge perks to being an older entrepreneur starting a business. A lifetime of work means enduring connections, savvy and experience. It also means you may have saved enough money to bootstrap a lean startup.

3. So … There’s this guy by the name of Richard Branson who owns a little business called Virgin Group. He’s kind of  big deal. He wrote a piece about using community building to develop your business. Considering that his net worth is somewhere around a humbling $4.6 billion, and his brand extends into seemingly every  community and industry, it’s probably a good idea to check this out.

4. I love overpaid athlete lists. And I love basketball. So Forbes’ most overpaid NBA players list is right up my alley. Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony  tops the list, as Forbes criticizes him for his inefficiency. The worst on the list for me is Hedo Turkoglu; he’s getting paid $11 million a year to get worse at basketball. From a 19 ppg, All-Star season with a finals appearance to this, this guy has reverted back to his Sacramento Kings days.

5. Holy jeebies: The Guardian is reporting that secret financial records of offshore funds were uncovered. The funds, hidden money belonging to government officials and wealthy families, could be as much as $32 trillion.

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Tyree Harris
Tyree Harris

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