1. Inc. Magazine sat down with Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who spoke on how he believed startups will define America’s future. If you’ve seen Cory Booker’s documentary “Brick City,” you know how amazing this guy is.

2. Under30 CEO tells the United States’ young entrepreneurs to pack their bags and leave — now

3. I always love these sort of lists because they make me feel better about the stupid things I do. Forbes compiled a list of 17 counter-intuitive things that successful people do. 

4. This week’s downer: The United States’ income gap is growing and growing. While the rich are getting richer and staying rich, the poor are getting poorer and staying poorer.

5. There aren’t many things that sound as initially unattractive as “Boise entrepreneurship.” However, there are some great innovators in the city, Entrepreneur Magazine discovered.

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Tyree Harris
Tyree Harris

Tyree Harris hopes to motivate young, business-minded people to explore their entrepreneurial potential.