Starting next month, Utah state employees will start working only four days a week to help reduce energy costs.

In a yearlong experiment, employees will work four 10 hour days with no cut in pay and Friday’s off.

Apparently most of the people affected sound excited about the idea.

Turning off the lights, the heat and the air conditioning on Fridays in 1,000 of 3,000 government buildings will save about $3 million a year out of a state budget of $11 billion, according to the governor’s spokeswoman, Lisa Roskelley. The state will also save on gasoline used by official vehicles, but authorities have not figured out how much.

I can imagine this experiment is going to be watched closely by many businesses and other state and governmental offices around the country.

It’s nice to see a company (or in this case the state government) trying something new to not only offer something new (four day weeks!) as well as something positive for the environment.


‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software

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