Does this make anyone besides me smile like a loon?

Thomas Kemper Soda Co. will return to the Square this year for an afternoon of Thomas Kemper Root Beer and Soda float samples. Be sure to stop by the Square for your free afternoon treat!

How awesome is this? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to work at a company where once in a while you get to go out into the middle of a busy city on a hot day in June and serve free root beer floats to everyone who shows up?

What a great way to build that customer loyalty. Sure, some people are going to show up for the drinks and ice cream, but think of the fun and the customer interaction. So if you happen to find yourself in Portland Oregon on June 23rd, stop by and have a float on them.

What a fantastically great campaign!

Well done, Thomas Kemper Soda!

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software