Do you ever find yourself feeling like you’re business isn’t moving anywhere?

You love what you are doing, you are passionate about your products / services and you know that you have all that it takes to be a huge success.

And, here you are frustrated because nothing seems to be happening and you’re not making any money.

Your bills continue to flow in and pile up, and you know you will have a major problem unless something happens really soon.

One of the most important things we learn about is to be clear on your ‘why’. Crystal clear. Your ‘why’ is your purpose for all that you are doing. It is the profound difference you are making in your life, your family’s life, or someone else’s. When you think about it, you feel a glow & warmth, a surge of energy unlike anything else.

Your Why is what your whole journey is all about.

And, it is the single most important thing to stay connected to when you have a period that isn’t quite as productive as you want it to be.

If you have a family vacation planned to an exciting place, you all feel the buzz & eagerness to get there and start having fun. When you take off in your car, all you can think about is getting to your destination and what it’s going to feel like to get there.

You have your route planned, your car is fresh, serviced & full of gas, you have all the supplies you need and the weather is great.

And, suddenly, you realize you’re not moving anywhere! The motor is running, the car is in ‘Drive’ and you’re pushing on the gas – you’re still not moving.

You realize that you have hit a mud hole and your wheels are just spinning.

So, what do you do? You can continue to keep the gas pedal where it is and keep the wheels spinning. You can push harder on the gas and make the wheels spin faster. Neither of which would accomplish anything other than get you more stuck, waste your gas and potentially damage your car.

The optimal course of action to take right now is to shut the car off, step out and look for options that you can do.

Note that the purpose has not changed: You are still driving towards a fun trip. You are on the right highway with a good car. It is just that, at this moment, you are not physically moving toward your goal.


Photo from flickr user donaldsbell

All the really matters right now is simply getting the car moving again – period. Everything else is still important, it just can’t happen until the car is in motion.

You must keep your vision of your goal alive and bright, as this will give you the inspiration and intuition to find the solution to your current opportunity.

Continuing this analogy, getting your car moving again obviously requires one thing: Get out of the mud.

And there are 3 immediately obvious solutions available to you:

1. Find something to put under the wheels to get traction.

2. Push the car as someone presses the gas.

3. Get pulled out.

There probably are additional solutions to this problem – the point is that you would not have seen any of them if you had not shut the car down and stepped out.

So, how does this apply to your business?

First off, know that a problem does not take away from your purpose, vision and your ‘why’. When things do feel like they’re not going the way you want, getting closer to your ‘why’ will keep you focused.

Next, slow down to speed up. If you’re not moving and what you are doing does not feel like it is getting you anywhere. Step back and observe. Just as spinning your wheels will get you deeper in mud, continuing to do the same actions will get you deeper in your situation.

When you step out of the problem, you are able to see solutions more easily.

And, a key concept: Ask for help. If you could not get your car unstuck by yourself, you would not think twice about asking for assistance.

Why not do the same thing with your business? Simply talking to someone else can help you see something that you may not notice from your current position.

Remember, all that you are doing right now is getting back into motion. Once you are rolling, you are in business and the rest of the plan is just as it was.

Learn from your experience. Few things are as frustrating as finding yourself back in another problem shortly after you got out of one.

If you’re feeling a little stuck right now, you have a choice: You can either stay stuck or you can look for the shift you need to get back in motion toward your dreams.

Whether you want a shift in your life, business, relationship – or need a hand getting your car out of the mud, we are here for you. And don’t forget,  enjoy the trip.

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